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Koh Rong Resorts and Bungalows    info

Koh Rong mapMany bungalows on the Koh Rong islands are very simple, mostly build from wood or stone or palm leafs. Some have their own bathrooms. Since 2015 electric power is now available 24 hours at Koh Toch area as well as at Saracen bay area. So newer and more modern bungalows have airconditioners or at least fans. The cheaper and older bungalows are open to fresh air and insects, but have mosquito nets on the beds. The rates are between 10 and 150 Dollars per night for two persons. Almost all bungalows are direct beach front located.

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Advanced booking is recommended in high season, since the bed capacity on both islands could be reached quickly and the bungalows are fully booked out.

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Bungalows on Koh Rong:

Tui (Toch) Beach

    • Tree House Bungalows at Koh Tui Beach ** (book)
    • Coco Boutique Resort *** (book)
    • Starfish Bungalows * (book)
    • Smile Guesthouse * (book)
    • Koh Rong Boutique ** (book)
    • Gauguin Resort ** (book)
    • White Beach Bungalows at Tui Beach ** (book)
    • Paradise Bungalows at Koh Tui Beach ** (book)
    • Happy Elephant Guesthouse and Bungalows ** (book)
    • Monkey Island Bungalows at Koh Toch Beach ** (book)
    • Happy Bungalows at Koh Tui Beach *** (Tel 016-855969 or Email)
    • Rising Sun Bungalows at Koh Tui Beach *
    • Aisha Guesthouse at Tui Beach **
    • Mango´s Bungalows at Koh Tui Beach *
    • Coco´s Bungalows at Koh Tui Beach ** (Website)

Sok San Beach

    • Broken Heart Guest House at southern Paradise/Long Beach **
    • Soksan New Beach Bungalows at Paradise/Long Beach * (book)
    • Soksan Beach Resort at Paradise/Long Beach *** - superb location, TIPP (book)
    • Soksan Longbeach Bungalows at Paradise Beach * (book)
    • Reaksmey Dara Guesthouse * (book)
    • Coconut Boulevard Resort at Paradise Beach ** - (book) Empfehlung
    • 3 Stone Bungalows * - simple huts, excellent location (book)

other beaches

    • Ramdoul Bungalows at Nature Beach * (book)
    • Coconutbeach Bungalows *** - very nice wooden bungalows, beautiful beach (book)
    • Bunnan Bungalows ** (book)
    • Nice Beach Bungalow ** (book)
    • Pura Vita Resort at Long Set Beach ** (book)
    • Long Set Resort at Long Set Beach * (book)
    • Reef on the Beach at southern Long Set Beach ** (book)
    • Lonely Beach Bungalows at Lonely Beach, hideaway location in the north ** (Website)
    • Palm Beach Bungalows, isolated location, very nice restaurant *** (book)
    • Song Saa Resort & Spa, high end luxury hideaway resort (book)

Tree House Koh Rong

White Beach Bungalow

Paradise Bungalows




Monkey Island Bungalows

Happy Bungalows

Aisha Guesthouse

Bungalows on Koh Rong Samloem:

Starfish Bay

    • M Pay Bay Bungalows at Starfish Bay * (book)
    • Easy Tiger Bungalow at Starfish Bay * (book)
    • Yellow Moon M23 at Starfish Bay * (book)
    • The Drift at Starfish Bay ** (book)
    • Lazy Bones near Starfish Bay* (book)
    • Koh Rong Samloem Villas at Starfish Bay ** (book)
    • EcoSea Bungalows and Diving at Starfish Bay ** (Website)
    • Sunset Bungalows at Starfish Bay ** (book)
    • Mango Lounge * (book)

Saracen Bay

    • Saracen Bay KarteNatural Island * (book)
    • Freedom Island Bungalows northern Saracen Bay ** (book)
    • Saracen Bay Resort at Saracen Bay, good restaurant *** (book)
    • The Beach Island Resort ** (book)
    • Green Blue Beach Bungalow Resort ** (book)
    • Ten 103 Bungalow * (book)
    • Beach Park Resort ** (book)
    • The One Resort, opened in 2015 at Saracen Bay *** (book)
    • Sol Beach Resort, opened in 2016 ** (book)
    • The Pipes Resort, opened in 2015 *** (book)
    • Moonlight Resort, opened in 2015 at Saracen Bay *** (book)
    • Sweet Dreams Hotel, opened in 2015 at Saracen Bay ** (book)
    • Leng Meng Beach Bungalows at Saracen Bay *** (book)
    • Sun Island Eco Village at Saracen Bay ** (Website)
    • Orchid Resort at Saracen Bay ** (book)
    • Home Stay Resort at Saracen Bay * (book)
    • Secret Paradise Resort, opened in 2014 *** (book) TIPP
    • Royal Retreat, opened in 2016 *** (book)
    • Cita Resort, opened in 2016 *** (book)
    • Paradise Villas at the southern end of Saracen Bay ** (book)
    • Samloem Laguna Resort * (book)

other beaches

    • Huba Huba Bungalows at Sunset Beach * (book)
    • Robinson Bungalows at Sunset Beach * (book)
    • Lazy Beach Bungalows at Lazy Beach ** (Website)
    • Sleeping Trees at Sunset Beach * (book)
    • Sandy Beach Bungalows, opened in 2014 at the lonely eatern beach ** (book)

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Saracen Bay Resort

Island Beach Club

Orchid Resort




Sun Island Eco Village

Leng Meng Bungalows

Homestay Resort



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